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Camel Step Coffee Roasters Shop

From the architects:

Camel Step Coffee Roaster in Hail, Saudi Arabia, is an exceptional destination that seamlessly blends the aesthetics of design with high-quality specialty coffee. Located in a historic building rich with the essence of the past, the roastery has been meticulously renovated to reflect a harmonious blend of heritage and modernity.

The use of natural granite stone sourced from the Hail region adds an authentic local touch, enhancing both the interior and exterior design. The floors, designed with crushed red granite mixed with concrete, provide a unique hue that enhances the aesthetic appeal. The design features simplicity and elegance, utilizing wooden furniture and large windows that allow natural light to create an open and bright atmosphere. The indoor area, designed to resemble an outdoor space, adds a sense of openness and connection to nature, while the large stone fireplace adds warmth and intimacy. The roastery conveys a feeling of warmth, comfort, and authenticity, making it perfect for relaxing and enjoying a cup of coffee in a welcoming and cozy atmosphere, combining contemporary design elements with rich local heritage.

Upon entering the roastery, visitors are welcomed into a warm and inviting environment. The walls, clad in natural stone, enhance the local feel and exude warmth and elegance. The furniture is simple yet elegant, with light-colored wooden chairs and tables that harmonize with the neutral tones of the walls and floors. The red-upholstered sofas provide comfortable seating next to the large windows, making it an ideal spot to relax and enjoy a cup of coffee.

A section of the roastery is designed to resemble an outdoor area, adding variety and charm to the overall design. This space features simple wooden chairs and concrete tables, reinforcing the natural and rustic ambiance. The walls are adorned with decorative lattices that allow light and air to pass through while climbing plants, which add a touch of life and nature.A large stone fireplace made from natural granite adds a touch of warmth and comfort to the area. The fireplace, with its attractive design, is used to create a cozy and relaxing environment, especially during cooler times. Natural granite stone, sourced locally from the Hail region, is used throughout the roastery, adding an authentic local touch. The polished concrete floors incorporate crushed red granite mixed with the concrete, creating a unique red hue that enhances the aesthetic appeal of the space and adds warmth and character.

Camel Step Coffee Roaster offers visitors an experience that blends warmth and comfort with authenticity and modern simplicity. Visitors feel a sense of openness and connection to nature while also enjoying an intimate and cozy atmosphere, making it an ideal place to relax and savor a cup of coffee in a setting that harmonizes tradition and modernity.

Faris Alosaimi
Photos by
Mansor Alsofi
Hail, Saudi Arabia